Statistics You Can Use

Statistics can provide useful information and support your press releases, media interviews, and  more.

Tips to Help Statistics Make Sense

  1. Use statistics carefully.
    It is important to make effective use of the numbers. Statistics in general can be misunderstood and must be handled with caution. Make sure the numbers that you are using make sense to your intended audience.
  2. Be clear about the information you want to present.
    Never attempt to interpret the results of a statistic you don't fully understand.
  3. Use statistics from reliable sources such as federal government agencies or grantees.
  4. Include the reference source for your statistics. The numbers cannot be used with 100% certainty.

Publications from the ADA National Network

Statistics Resources by Topic

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Medical and Health Care

  • Disability and Health Data System
    Online interactive system that helps quickly translate state-level, disability-specific, data into information that can be used by state health departments, national disability and health organizations, and policymakers.
    Source: Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Research - ADA & Disability