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ADA Resources

Topics for Resources:

President George H.W. Bush signing the ADA in 1990.

ADA & Disability History

ADA Timeline

Learn more about the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through this historical timeline from the ADA National Network.
Web: adata.org/ada-timeline

Ed Roberts, the Disability Rights Movement, and the ADA

This virtual exhibit celebrates some of the many key groups and people who made the ADA possible, explores how and why the ADA was passed, and concludes by looking at some of the major challenges still being faced by people with disabilities.
Web: google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/exhibit/VwLy4PBo_Ty9Jg

EveryBody: An Artifact History of Disability in America

This virtual exhibit from the National Museum of American History explores the history of disability through the material record of the people who lived it from stereotypes to laws, technology and issues in everyday home life for people with disabilities — How the story unfolds depends on how you, the visitor, shuffle it. Featuring images documenting more than 50-years worth of objects and stories collected by the Smithsonian, the exhibit is the museum’s first to be presented exclusively online which they plan to build upon with additions and frequent updates as well as a vibrant social media presence.
Web: everybody.si.edu/

Equality of Opportunity: The Making of the Americans with Disabilities Act - National Council on Disability

Future historians will come to view the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 as one of the most formative pieces of American social policy legislation in the 20th century. This publication from the National Council on Disability (NCD) reminds us of our past and urges us to press on with renewed and united sense of purpose to deliver on the ADA's legacy, hope, and promise.
Web: ncd.gov/publications/1997/equality_of_Opportunity_The_Making_of_the_Americans_with_Disabilities_Act

General ADA Resources

ADA Questions and Answers (Q&A) Booklet

This collaborative publication by the ADA National Network provides answers to common questions on the ADA for employment, state and local government, public accommodations and also offers a quick contact reference for federal agencies and other organizations that provide information about the ADA and informal guidance in understanding and complying with the ADA.
Web: adata.org/FAQbooklet

Frequently Asked Questions about the ADA

Find answers to common questions on the ADA and related disability topics — search by keyword, audience and topics. This is a collaborative initiative of the ADA National Network.
Web: adata.org/faq-page

ADA Title II & III Regulations Fact Sheet Series (English) ( Español)

The U.S. Department of Justice revised the ADA Title II and Title III regulations. These regulations amend the DOJ Title II requirements for State and Local Governments and Title III requirements for Places of Public Accommodation. Many of the regulations took effect March 15, 2011 with some requirements going into effect March 15, 2012. The ADA National Network developed these Fact Sheets to give guidance on specific changes and an overview of revised regulations by topic.
English: adata.org/factsheets_en/
Spanish/Español: adata.org/newregs_II_III_sp

ADA Anniversary Tool Kit

A tool kit of informative materials on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for use throughout the year in your celebration of the ADA Anniversary - July 26. This is a collaborative initiative of the ADA National Network hosted by the Southeast ADA Center.
Web: ADAanniversary.org

ADA Publications and Fact Sheets from the ADA National Network

Informational materials about the ADA and related disability topics; some materials are also available in Spanish. This is a collaborative initiative of the ADA National Network.
Web: adata.org/ada-national-publications

ADA Web Search Portal

This portal provides a focused search of important websites that contain information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and connects individuals with high quality information about the ADA and to assist individuals in answering ADA questions. This is a collaborative initiative of the ADA National Network.
Web: adata.org/ada-document-portal/

ADA Systematic Review

Research on the ADA includes many different research questions and methods, covers numerous topic areas, and impacts diverse groups of people. Because of this broad range of research, policy makers and researchers are often unsure about the true impact of the ADA. To address this uncertainty, the University of Illinois at Chicago is conducting a three-stage review of the ADA in collaboration with the ADA National Network - National ADA Knowledge Translation Center Project. The first stage of the project is a Scoping Review Summary and a Technical Report of the Scoping Review which involves gathering scientific research and search terms on the ADA.
Web: adata.org/national-ada-systematic-review

Technology Access Resources

Accessible Tech - For Accessible Technology In The Workplace

A web portal designed to build a partnership between the disability and business communities to promote full and unrestricted participation in society for persons with disabilities through awareness of technology that is accessible to all. This initiative of the ADA National Network is hosted by the Pacific ADA Center with support from the Great Lakes ADA Center and Mid-Atlantic ADA Center.
Web: AccessibleTech.org

Disability Law & Policy Resources

ADA Case Law Database

A comprehensive database tool that tracks major decisions and summarizes the key issues pertaining to significant rulings under the Employment (Title I), Local and State Government (Title II) and Places of Public Accommodations (Title III) provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) searchable by disability type, discrimination issue, jurisdiction and remedy. This collaborative initiative of the ADA National Network hosted by the Great Lakes ADA Center.
Web: adacaselaw.org

ADA Disability Law Handbook

A broad overview of the rights and obligations under federal disability laws available online in web or PDF format. This is a collaborative publication by the Southwest ADA Center and ADA National Network.
Web: adata.org/publication/disability-law-handbook

Report on the Impact of the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA) Released by National Council on Disability

The National Council on Disability (NCD), an independent federal agency, released a report in July 2013 titled “A Promising Start: Preliminary Analysis of Court Decisions Under the ADA Amendments Act,” which reviews the court decisions that have been rendered to date applying the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) and reveals significant improvements in how courts are interpreting protections intended for coverage under the ADA.
Web: ncd.gov/publications/2013/07232013/

Business & ADA Resources

Accessible Meetings, Events, and Conferences Guide

This guide will help you navigate, plan, and create successful, inclusive meetings, events and conferences. Features include: plan a meeting, attend a meeting, speakers/presenters tips, training materials, employers guide, operations, publications, and resources. This guide from the Hospitality and Disability initiative of the ADA National Network is hosted by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, in collaboration with TransCen, Inc.- Career and Workforce Development.
Web: adahospitality.org/accessible-meetings-events-conferences-guide

Hospitality and Disability Initiative

A web portal designed to promote accessibility and opportunity for people with disabilities in the hospitality industry. Materials, resources, and training aim to help hospitality businesses expand their market share by effectively reaching and serving customers with disabilities, and are also designed to assist lodging and food service employers recruit, hire, and retain qualified workers with disabilities. This initiative of the ADA National Network is hosted by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, in collaboration with TransCen, Inc.- Career and Workforce Development.
Web: adahospitality.org

Employment & ADA Resources

Just-in-Time Toolkit for Managers: Building a Disability Inclusive Workforce

This toolkit is divided into ten topics based on a disability issue that managers typically encounter in the workplace. Each topic has been designed to be used in about five minutes. If you choose, each topic also contains links to test your knowledge, print a one-page checklist, and pursue further resources. This is a collaborative initiative of the Northeast ADA Center, a member of the ADA National Network and a program of the K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability at Cornell University.
Web: disabilitytoolkit.edi.cornell.edu

Government & ADA Resources