Monthly Themes to Celebrate ADA

Throughout the year and on the ADA Anniversary - July 26, help shape a universal future and celebrate the progress made through implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in your workplaces, schools and communities - each month feature a theme for celebration. Also, checkout: Ideas for Celebrating the ADA and Share Your #ThanksToTheADA Moment!.

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Transportation & Telecommunications Access

Ed Roberts Day - January 23

Honor and Celebrate Ed Roberts Day from the Southeast ADA Center
Ed Roberts was a pioneer in championing disability rights and enabling full participation in society for all persons with disabilities.
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Countdown to ADA Anniversary


Voting Access

BLOG: Voting Accessibility: Responsibilities and Rights

"Voting is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, rights and responsibilities that any person has in our democracy. It is important to ensure people can vote for candidates and initiatives of their choice, so that their voices and interests are represented. The right to vote is something that many groups had to fight for and are still working to make sure those rights are ensured. This includes people with disabilities, who like other minority groups have been barred to vote or had restrictions or environmental barriers placed on them."

State & Local Government Access



Healthcare Access & Inclusion


Mental Health Awareness Month

Older Americans Month

Global Accessibility Awareness


Good Access is Good Business

Source: ADA National Network

Olmstead Decision - Anniversary


Celebrate ADA Anniversary

Explore & Learn the ADA

Sharing ADA Stories


Back to School Access


Emergency Preparedness and Management





"Honor all who served - In times of war - In times of peace"

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Shaping a Universal Future

Sharing ADA Stories