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Become a part of the nationwide ADA celebration and show your commitment to the ADA throughout the year and annually for the ADA Anniversary - July 26.

Preview of logo:

Technical code behind logo:

link destination (href) = http://www.adaanniversary.org
image file location (src) = https://www.adaanniversary.org/sites/default/files/ADA30-celebrate-logo.gif
alt text for image (alt) = Celebrate the ADA 30 (1990-2020) Americans with Disabilities Act - July 26, 2020
image size: width="400" height="204"

Code to add logo to web content

<a href="http://www.adaanniversary.org"><img src="https://www.adaanniversary.org/sites/default/files/ADA30-celebrate-logo.gif" alt="Celebrate the ADA 30 (1990-2020) Americans with Disabilities Act - July 26, 2020" width="400"></a>

DOWNLOAD: ADA 30 Celebrate Logo with white background [gif]

When using the logo, add credit to the source.
Credit: ADA National Network (adata.org)
Credit: ADA National Network (adata.org) 1-800-949-4232

Icon - ADA 30 Anniversary

Technical code behind this logo:

alt text for image = ADA 30
file source for image (white background, 85x60) = https://www.adaanniversary.org/sites/default/files/ADA30-icon.jpg
link destination = http://www.adaanniversary.org (ADA Celebrations Tool Kit)

Code to add to web content:
<a href="http://www.adaanniversary.org"><img src="https://www.adaanniversary.org/sites/default/files/ADA30-icon.jpg" alt="ADA 30"></a>