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Media Kit - Web Badge: Pledge On!


Sign and share the PLEDGE ON! to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - Become a part of the nationwide ADA celebration and show your commitment to the ADA throughout the year and annually for the ADA Anniversary - July 26.

Web Badge: Pledge On! - 250 width

Preview of badge:

Show your commitment to the ADA - Pledge On!

Technical code behind this badge:

alt text for image = Show your commitment to the ADA - Pledge On!
file source for image = http://adaanniversary.org/images/pledge_on_banner.gif
link destination = Webpage to access and sign the online ADA pledge at http://adaanniversary.org/pledge

Code to add to web content:
<a href="http://adaanniversary.org/pledge"><img src="http://adaanniversary.org/images/pledge_on_banner.gif" alt=" Show your commitment to the ADA - Pledge On!" width="250" height="61" border="0"></a>